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Guides 1.0 Foreword
Guides 2.0 Basic Procedures
Guides 2.1 Handling Electronic Assemblies
Guides 2.2 Cleaning
Guides 2.2.1 Cleaning, Local
Guides 2.2.2 Cleaning, Aqueous Batch Process
Guides 2.3.1 Coating Removal, Identification of Coating
Guides 2.3.2 Coating Removal, Solvent
Guides 2.3.3 Coating Removal, Peeling
Guides 2.3.4 Coating Removal, Thermal
Guides 2.3.5 Coating Removal, Grinding/Scraping
Guides 2.3.6 Coating Removal, Micro Blasting
Guides 2.4.1 Coating Replacement, Solder Mask
Guides 2.4.2 Coating Replacement, Conformal Coating, Encapsulant
Guides 2.4.3 Coating Replacement, Solder Mask, BGA Locations
Guides 2.5 Baking and Preheating
Guides 2.6.1 Legend/Marking, Stamping
Guides 2.6.2 Legend Marking, Hand Lettering
Guides 2.6.3 Legend Marking, Stencil
Guides 2.7 Epoxy Mixing and Handling
Guides 3.0 Base Board Procedures
Guides 3.1 Delamination/Blister Repair
Guides 3.2 Bow and Twist Repair
Guides 3.3.1 Hole Repair, Epoxy Method
Guides 3.3.2 Hole Repair, Transplant Method
Guides 3.4.1 Key and Slot Repair, Epoxy Method
Guides 3.4.2 Key and Slot Repair, Transplant Method
Guides 3.5.1 Base Material Repair, Epoxy Method
Guides 3.5.2 Base Material Repair, Area Transplant
Guides 3.5.3 Base Material Repair, Edge Transplant Method
Guides 4.0 Conductor Procedures
Guides 4.1.1 Lifted Conductor Repair, Epoxy Seal Method
Guides 4.1.2 Lifted Conductor Repair, Film Adhesive
Guides 4.2.1 Conductor Repair, Foil Jumper, Epoxy Method
Guides 4.2.2 Conductor Repair, Foil Jumper, Film Adhesive Method
Guides 4.2.3 Conductor Repair, Welding
Guides 4.2.4 Conductor Repair, Surface Wire
Guides 4.2.5 Conductor Repair, Through Board Wire
Guides 4.2.6 Conductor Repair, Inner Layer
Guides 4.2.7 Conductor Repair, Surface Plane, Film Adhesive
Guides 4.3.1 Circuit Cut, Surface Circuits
Guides 4.3.2 Circuit Cut, Inner Layer Circuits
Guides 4.3.3 Deleting Inner Layer Connection at a Plated Hole
Guides 4.3.4 Deleting Inner Layer Connection at a Plated Hole
Guides 4.4.1 Lifted Land Repair, Epoxy Seal
Guides 4.4.2 Lifted Land Repair, Film Adhesive
Guides 4.5.1 Land Repair, Epoxy Method
Guides 4.5.2 Land Repair, Film Adhesive
Guides 4.6.1 Edge Contact Repair, Adhesive Method
Guides 4.6.2 Edge Contact Repair, Film Adhesive
Guides 4.6.3 Edge Contact Repair, Plating
Guides 4.7.1 Surface Mount Pad Repair, Adhesive Method
Guides 4.7.2 Surface Mount Pad Repair, Film Adhesive
Guides 4.7.3 BGA Pad Repair, Film Adhesive
Guides 4.7.4 BGA Pad Repair
Guides 4.7.5 BGA Pad
Guides 5.0 Plated Hole Procedures
Guides 5.1 Plated Hole Repair, No Inner Layer Connection
Guides 5.2 Plated Hole Repair, Double Wall Method
Guides 5.3 Plated Hole Repair, Inner Layer Connection
Guides 6.0 Jumper Wire and Component Modification Procedures
Guides 6.1 Jumper Wires
Guides 6.2.1 Jumper Wires, BGA Components, Circuit Track Method
Guides 6.2.2 Jumper Wires, BGA Components, Through Board Method
Guides 6.3 Component Modifications and Additions
Guides 6.4 Component Lead Cutting and Lifting
Guides 7.0 Soldering Procedures
Guides 7.1.1 Soldering Basics
Guides 7.1.2 Preparation For Soldering And Component Removal
Guides 7.1.3 Solder Joint Acceptance Criteria
Guides 7.2.1 Soldering Through Hole Components, Point To Point Method
Guides 7.2.2 Soldering Through Hole Components, Solder Fountain Method
Guides 7.3.1 Soldering Surface Mount Chip Components, Point To Point Method
Guides 7.3.2 Soldering Surface Mount Chip Components, Hot Gas Method
Guides 7.4.1 Soldering Surface Mount J Lead Components Point To Point Method
Guides 7.4.2 Soldering Surface Mount J Lead Components Continuous Flow Method
Guides 7.4.3 Soldering Surface Mount J Lead Components Hot Gas Method
Guides 7.5.1 Soldering Surface Mount Gull Wing Components, Point To Point Method
Guides 7.5.2 Soldering Surface Mount Gull Wing Components, Continuous Flow Method
Guides 7.5.3 Soldering Surface Mount Gull Wing Components Hot Gas Method
Guides 8.0 Rework Procedures
Guides 8.1.1 Component Removal, Through Hole Components, Vacuum Method
Guides 8.1.2 Component Removal, Through Hole Components, Solder Fountain Method
Guides 8.2.1 Component Removal, Surface Mount Chip Components, Forked Tip Method
Guides 8.2.2 Component Removal, Surface Mount Chip Components, Hot Tweezer Method
Guides 8.3.1 Component Removal, Surface Mount J Lead Components, Conduction Method
Guides 8.3.2 Component Removal, Surface Mount J Lead Components, Hot Gas/Air Method
Guides 8.4.1 Component Removal, Surface Mount Gull Wing Components, Conduction Method
Guides 8.4.2 Component Removal, Surface Mount Gull Wing Components, Hot Gas/Air Method
Guides 9.0 BGA Component Rework Procedures
Guides 9.1.1 BGA Component Rework Process Flow
Guides 9.1.2 BGA Component Rework Inspection
Guides 9.2.1 BGA Component Rework Profile Development, Standard Method
Guides 9.2.2 BGA Component Rework Profile Development, Smart Track Method
Guides 9.3.1 BGA Component Rework, Eutectic Solder Ball
Guides 9.4.1 BGA Component Reballing, Fixture Method
Kits and Systems 110-4105 Micro Drill System
Kits and Systems 110-5202 Eyelet Press
Kits and Systems 115-1322 Circuit Bond Kit
Kits and Systems 115-4100 Bonding System
Kits and Systems 201-1400 Land/Pad Repair Kit
Kits and Systems 201-1600 Aerospace Repair Kit
Kits and Systems 201-2100 Professional Repair Kit
Kits and Systems 201-2400 Master Repair Kit
Kits and Systems 201-3110 Base Board Repair Kit
Kits and Systems 201-3130 Circuit Track Kit
Kits and Systems 201-3140 Plated Hole Repair Kit
Kits and Systems 201-3160 Heat Shield Kit
Kits and Systems 201-4150 Soldering Skills Practice Kit
Kits and Systems 201-4350 Repair Skills Practice Kit
Kits and Systems 201-6100 Gold Contact Plating Kit
Kits and Systems Ball Mills, Abrasives, Cutting Tools
Kits and Systems Bonding Tips
Kits and Systems CBNDL Circuit Frame Bundle
Kits and Systems Circuit Bond
Kits and Systems Circuit Frames
Kits and Systems Circuit Tracks
Kits and Systems Color Agents
Kits and Systems Eyelets
Kits and Systems Flextac Rework Stencils
Kits and Systems Wire Dots
Stencils - Flextac B4-005-1515-000
Stencils - Flextac B4-048-0709-075
Stencils - Flextac B4-048-0809-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-054-0808-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-060-0810-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-064-1013-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-078-0911-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-080-0811-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-082-1215-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-084-0814-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-088-0811-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-090-1113-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-096-0614-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-096-0915-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-100-1010-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-100-1212-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-100-1212-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1002-4040-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1020-3333-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1023-3333-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-104-1515-127
Stencils - Flextac B4-1089-2727-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-1117-4040-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1132-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1136-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1148-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1152-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1153-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1156-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-117-1014-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-118-1515-127
Stencils - Flextac B4-120-0756-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-1207-4244-110
Stencils - Flextac B4-1284-4040-109
Stencils - Flextac B4-144-1212-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-1513-4040-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1517-4040-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-156-1515-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-159-0915-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-165-1315-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1680-4242-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1704-4242-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-172-1515-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-176-2525-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-1760-4242-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-180-1212-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-196-1515-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-201-1515-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-209-1422-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-2116-4747-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-240-1515-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-256-1717-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-257-1616-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-272-1414-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-2741-5555-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-280-1616-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-312-1527-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-324-1919-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-324-2323-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-360-2323-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-361-1616-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-363-1717-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-364-2121-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-388-2727-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-400-2121-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-456-2323-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-456-2727-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-458-3131-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-468-2525-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-484-1919-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-484-2323-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-484-2727-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-516-2727-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-532-2323-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-548-2323-080
Stencils - Flextac B4-572-2727-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-668-2727-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-672-2727-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-676-2727-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-676-3131-102
Stencils - Flextac B4-680-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-776-3333-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-780-2929-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-783-2929-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-820-3737-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-844-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-896-3131-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-900-3131-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-900-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B4-913-4040-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-005-1116-254
Stencils - Flextac B6-024-1010-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-024-2020-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-025-0606-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-025-2020-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-026-1018-080
Stencils - Flextac B6-044-2020-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-060-0642-165
Stencils - Flextac B6-061-2020-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-064-1113-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-064-1113-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-068-0915-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-080-0730-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-084-0915-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-085-2020-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-090-1113-080
Stencils - Flextac B6-1022-3333-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-1066-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-1088-4242-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-1152-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-119-1422-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-119-1626-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-1252-4242-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-1272-3737-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-133-1515-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-144-1515-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-160-0756-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-1600-4242-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-165-1315-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-1657-4242-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-191-1929-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-208-2323-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-209-1422-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-219-2125-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-225-2727-150
Stencils - Flextac B6-233-2323-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-240-1243-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-241-2323-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-255-2121-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-255-2121-127A
Stencils - Flextac B6-256-1717-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-256-2727-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-270-1636-115
Stencils - Flextac B6-272-2727-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-272-2727-127A
Stencils - Flextac B6-292-2121-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-292-2727-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-300-1643-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-304-3131-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-308-2727-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-313-3535-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-324-2323-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-329-3131-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-336-2727-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-352-2727-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-352-3535-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-357-2525-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-360-2525-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-360-2525-127A
Stencils - Flextac B6-385-3131-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-388-2727-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-388-3535-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-400-1655-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-400-2727-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-416-2727-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-416-2727-100A
Stencils - Flextac B6-420-3535-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-421-3131-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-429-2727-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-432-4040-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-450-2538-130
Stencils - Flextac B6-456-3535-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-472-2929-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-479-3535-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-480-3737-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-480-4545-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-483-2929-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-484-2323-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-495-3034-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-504-3535-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-540-4242-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-544-3535-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-552-2525-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-560-4242-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-570-2057-175
Stencils - Flextac B6-580-4545-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-596-3535-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-624-3737-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-652-3535-120
Stencils - Flextac B6-676-2727-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-680-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B6-728-3535-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-732-3737-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-744-3737-127
Stencils - Flextac B6-957-4040-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-005-1515-000
Stencils - Flextac B8-019-1417-275
Stencils - Flextac B8-1152-3535-100A
Stencils - Flextac B8-1156-3535-100
Stencils - Flextac B8-1156-3535-100A
Stencils - Flextac B8-1272-3737-100
Stencils - Flextac B8-1517-4040-100
Stencils - Flextac B8-1520-4040-100
Stencils - Flextac B8-1657-4242-100
Stencils - Flextac B8-168-1717-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-1752-4545-100
Stencils - Flextac B8-1752-4545-100A
Stencils - Flextac B8-1932-4545-100
Stencils - Flextac B8-255-2121-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-256-2121-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-272-2727-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-304-2125-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-329-3131-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-340-2527-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-360-2525-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-360-2525-127A
Stencils - Flextac B8-361-2525-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-475-2532-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-483-2929-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-492-3535-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-540-4153-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-552-2525-100
Stencils - Flextac B8-566-3131-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-571-3737-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-571-3737-127A
Stencils - Flextac B8-576-2525-100
Stencils - Flextac B8-624-3232-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-624-3232-127A
Stencils - Flextac B8-624-3232-127B
Stencils - Flextac B8-625-3232-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-630-4161-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-824-3242-127
Stencils - Flextac B8-896-3131-100
Circuit Frames CBLANKAG
Circuit Frames CBLANKAS
Circuit Frames CBLANKAT
Circuit Frames CC035080AG
Circuit Frames CC038255AG
Circuit Frames CC050060AG
Circuit Frames CC050300AG
Circuit Frames CC070080AG
Circuit Frames CC070210AG
Circuit Frames CC076190AG
Circuit Frames CC085360AG
Circuit Frames CC090300AG
Circuit Frames CFV001S
Circuit Frames CFV001T
Circuit Frames CFV002AS
Circuit Frames CFV002T
Circuit Frames CFV003AS
Circuit Frames CFV003AT
Circuit Frames CP050060AS
Circuit Frames CP050060AT
Circuit Frames CP067267AS
Circuit Frames CP070080AS
Circuit Frames CP070080AT
Circuit Frames CP090100AS
Circuit Frames CP090100AT
Circuit Frames CP090100BS
Circuit Frames CP140210AS
Circuit Frames CP140210AT
Circuit Frames CP156097AS
Circuit Frames CP156097AT
Circuit Frames CP250125AS
Circuit Frames CP250125AT
Circuit Frames CS004085AS
Circuit Frames CS004085AT
Circuit Frames CS010012AS
Circuit Frames CS011061AS
Circuit Frames CS012060AS
Circuit Frames CS012060AT
Circuit Frames CS012100AS
Circuit Frames CS012100AT
Circuit Frames CS015020AS
Circuit Frames CS015020AT
Circuit Frames CS020020AS
Circuit Frames CS020020AT
Circuit Frames CS020025AS
Circuit Frames CS020025AT
Circuit Frames CS020028AS
Circuit Frames CS020028AT
Circuit Frames CS025035AS
Circuit Frames CS025035AT
Circuit Frames CS025080AS
Circuit Frames CS025080AT
Circuit Frames CS025080BS
Circuit Frames CS025080BT
Circuit Frames CS026026AG
Circuit Frames CS028185AS
Circuit Frames CS028185AT
Circuit Frames CS030055AS
Circuit Frames CS030055AT
Circuit Frames CS034030AS
Circuit Frames CS034030AT
Circuit Frames CS038090AS
Circuit Frames CS038090AT
Circuit Frames CS039039AS
Circuit Frames CS040070AS
Circuit Frames CS040070AT
Circuit Frames CS040110AS
Circuit Frames CS040110AT
Circuit Frames CS045110AS
Circuit Frames CS045110AT
Circuit Frames CS046106AS
Circuit Frames CS046106AT
Circuit Frames CS048068AS
Circuit Frames CS048068AT
Circuit Frames CS050050AS
Circuit Frames CS050050AT
Circuit Frames CS051063AS
Circuit Frames CS051063AT
Circuit Frames CS051087AS
Circuit Frames CS051087AT
Circuit Frames CS060080AS
Circuit Frames CS060080AT
Circuit Frames CS065055AS
Circuit Frames CS065055AT
Circuit Frames CS065095AS
Circuit Frames CS065095AT
Circuit Frames CS067173AS
Circuit Frames CS067173AT
Circuit Frames CS071106AS
Circuit Frames CS071106AT
Circuit Frames CS090100AS
Circuit Frames CS090100AT
Circuit Frames CS092092AS
Circuit Frames CS095000AS
Circuit Frames CS095000AT
Circuit Frames CS095095AS
Circuit Frames CS095095AT
Circuit Frames CS130177AS
Circuit Frames CS130177AT
Circuit Frames CSV002AS
Circuit Frames CSVAR03AS
Circuit Frames CSVAR1AS
Circuit Frames CT006015AS
Circuit Frames CT006015AT
Circuit Frames CT006025AS
Circuit Frames CT006025AT
Circuit Frames CVAR0001AS
Circuit Frames CVAR0001AT
Features 11 Rules for Circuit Board Mods
Features 3 Options for BGA Rework
Features 4 Techniques for Removing Solder Mask
Features 6 Common Mistakes of BGA Rework
Features A Solution for Broken Pin Repair
Features Adding a Via Hole
Features Alternative to Dead Bug Rework
Features Are Your BGA Rework Operators Competent?
Features BGA Component Site Modification
Features BGA Conductor Path Re-design
Features Backplane X-ray Analysis
Features Base Board Burn Repair - How and Why
Features Beyond Repair... Think Again
Features Big Time Damaged Conductor Repair
Features Case of the Missing SMT Pads
Features Challenging Connector Rework
Features Challenging Gold Contact Repair
Features Changing a Conductor Path at a BGA Site
Features Conductor Repair - When Appearance Counts
Features Converting Tin/Lead BGA Pads to Gold Plated
Features Cutting Circuits and Conductors
Features Damaged Mounting Hole Repair
Features Edge Milling to Reduce Board Thickness
Features Exploding Solder Balls
Features Flash Memory Card Rescue
Features How Reliable Is Your Rework?
Features How To Restore Missing Internal Layer Connections
Features How to Fix Press-in Fastener Damage
Features How to Select the Right Eyelet for Hole Repair
Features How to Use a Solder Fountain
Features Inner Layer Conductor Modification
Features Isolating a Plated Hole From Ground
Features Jumper Wire Nightmare
Features Keysight Technologies Adapter Rework
Features Options for Gold Contact Rework
Features Potted QFP Rework Challenge
Features Preventing BGA Component Warp During Rework
Features Questions to Ask When Salvaging Components
Features Restoring Gold Edge Connectors
Features Review of Hot Air Component Rework
Features Rework Option Eliminates Jumper Wires
Features Rework for Internal Conductor Mismatch
Features Rework for Missing Ground Connections
Features Rework for Pad and Component Mismatch
Features Reworking Internal Connection at a Via Hole
Features Scrapes and Breaks Repaired
Features Solder Joint Opens - What To Do?
Features Solder Mask Rework at a BGA Site
Features Solder Mask Touch-Up At BGA Sites
Features Soldering Long Gold Plated Pins
Features Solution for BGA Footprint Mismatch
Features Ten Rules for Jumper Wires
Features The Most Essential Tool for Repair Techs
Features Tips For Connector Removal and Replacement
Features Tips and Tricks for Successful Rework
Features Tips for Rework of Large Scale BGA Components
Features Trimming Conductors In Very Tight Places
Features Unique Ground Plane Transplant Repair
Features X-Ray Finds Shorts in Drilled Holes
Features X-Ray System Eye Opener
Parts 110-4211 Micro Drill Handpiece
Parts 110-4213 Square Carbon Brushes
Parts 110-4302 Accessory Kit
Parts 110-4303 Accessory Stand
Parts 110-4502 Screw Mandrel
Parts 110-4504 Threaded Mandrel
Parts 110-4602 Abrading Tip, Rubber
Parts 110-4622 Cutoff Disk
Parts 115-1714 Power Supply
Parts 115-1716 Power Supply
Parts 115-2104 Bonding Tip, Tapered
Parts 115-2204 Bonding Tip, .080" (2.03 mm) Diameter
Parts 115-2206 Bonding Tip, .120" (3.05 mm) Diameter
Parts 115-2306 Bonding Tip, .040" x .060" (1.02 mm x 1.52 mm)
Parts 115-2316 Bonding Tip, .080" x .120" (2.03 mm x 3.05 mm)
Parts 115-2706 Bonding Film
Parts 115-3102 Bonding Iron, 120 VAC
Parts 115-3103 Bonding Iron, 230 VAC
Parts 115-3104 Bonding Station, 120 VAC
Parts 115-3105 Bonding Station, 230 VAC
Parts 115-3108 PCB Circuit Board
Parts 115-3115 Measuring Microscope Pen, 25X
Parts 115-3120 Setting Tool
Parts 115-3122 Tool Base
Parts 115-3125 Calibration Thermocouple
Parts 115-3132 File
Parts 115-3136 Abrader
Parts 115-3139 Tool Grip
Parts 115-3302 Circuit Bond Packs
Parts 115-3312 Plastic Cup
Parts 115-3315-5 Mixing Picks
Parts 115-3502 Squeegee Handle
Parts 115-3504 Squeegee Blade, 12mm Wide
Parts 115-3506 Squeegee Blade, 27mm Wide
Parts 115-3508 Squeegee Blade, 35mm Wide
Parts 115-3702 Abrasive Pads
Parts 115-3721 Plating Anode, Standard
Parts 115-3722 Plating Anode, Small
Parts 115-3733 Plating Anode Tip
Parts 115-3742 Plating Cables, Black/Red
Parts 115-3754 Plating Probe, Black
Parts 115-3755 Plating Probe, Red
Parts 115-3764 Rinse Tray
Parts 115-3778 Buss Wire, 30 AWG
Parts 115-3782 Rinse Bottle
Parts 115-3821 Plating Solution, Gold, 1 oz (.03 liter)
Parts 115-3824 Plating Solution, Gold, 4 oz (.12 liter)
Parts 115-3831 Plating Solution, Nickel, 1 oz (.03 liter)
Parts 115-3834 Plating Solution, Nickel, 4 oz (.12 liter)
Parts 115-3841 Plating Solution, Electroclean, 1 oz (.03 liter)
Parts 115-3844 Plating Solution, Electroclean, 4 oz (.12 liter)
Parts 115-3902 Syringes
Parts 115-4802 Collet, .125" (3.175 mm) Diameter
Parts 115-5204 Circuit Track, .002" x .004" (.051 mm x .102 mm)
Parts 115-5205 Circuit Track, .002" x .005" (.051 mm x .127 mm)
Parts 115-5206 Circuit Track, .002" x .006" (.051 mm x .152 mm)
Parts 115-5208 Circuit Track, .002" x .008" (.051 mm x .203 mm)
Parts 115-5210 Circuit Track, .002" x .010" (.051 mm x .254 mm)
Parts 115-5312 Circuit Track, .003" x .012" (.076 mm x .305 mm)
Parts 115-5315 Circuit Track, .003" x .015" (.076 mm x .381 mm)
Parts 115-5520 Circuit Track, .005" x .020" (.127 mm x .508 mm)
Parts 115-5530 Circuit Track, .005" x .030" (.127 mm x .762 mm)
Parts 115-6000 Ball Mill Pack - Sizes #1/2 - #7
Parts 115-6001 Ball Mill, Carbide, #1, .031 Inch Diameter
Parts 115-6002 Ball Mill, Carbide, #2, .039 Inch Diameter
Parts 115-6003 Ball Mill, Carbide, #3, .047 Inch Diameter
Parts 115-6004 Ball Mill, Carbide, #4, .055 Inch Diameter
Parts 115-6005 Ball Mill, Carbide, #5, .063 Inch Diameter
Parts 115-6006 Ball Mill, Carbide, #6, .071 Inch Diameter
Parts 115-6007 Ball Mill, Carbide, #7, .083 Inch Diameter
Parts 115-6008 Ball Mill, Carbide, #8, .090" (2.300 mm) Diameter
Parts 115-6025 Ball Mill, Carbide, #1/4, .019 Inch Diameter
Parts 115-6050 Ball Mill, Carbide, #1/2, .027 Inch Diameter
Parts 115-6064 Abrading Tip, Stone
Parts 115-9010 Mask, High Temperature
Parts 115-9102 Color Agent, Yellow
Parts 115-9185 Color Agent, Red
Parts 115-9293 Color Agent, Blue
Parts 115-9348 Color Agent, Green
Parts 115-9358 Color Agent, Light Green
Parts 115-9376 Color Agent, Medium Green
Parts 115-9424 Color Agent, Dark Gray
Parts 115-9457 Color Agent, Light Brown
Parts 115-9560 Color Agent, Dark Green
Parts 115-9561 Color Agent, Green
Parts 115-9995 Color Agent, Black
Parts 115-9996 Color Agent - White
Parts 235-1000-5 Alcohol Swab
Parts 235-2102-5 Foam Swab, 3/16" Tip
Parts 235-2106-5 Cleaning Brushes
Parts 235-3025 High Temp Tape Discs
Parts 235-3050 High Temp Tape Discs
Parts 235-4010 Heat Shield Blanket, 5" x 7"
Parts 235-4060 Heat Shield Plates, 5" x 7"
Parts 245-1102 Conductive Pen
Parts 250-1201 Coating Remover Pen
Parts 290-2075 Tape, High Temperature
Parts 290-3050 Plating/Masking Tape
Parts 290-7250 Peel Test Tape
Parts 335-3150 Scissors, 8"
Parts 335-3195 Probe
Parts 335-3196 Wire Guide
Parts 335-3197 Scraper
Parts 335-5185 Tweezer, Point Tip
Parts 335-5188 Tweezer, Crossover
Parts 355-0614 Knife with #16 Blades
Parts 355-0616 Knife Blade #16
Parts 355-3102-5 Micro Probes
Parts 510-2408 Alligator Clip
Safety Data Sheets Alcohol Swab
Safety Data Sheets Circuit Bond
Safety Data Sheets Circuit Bond - Hardener
Safety Data Sheets Circuit Bond - Resin
Safety Data Sheets Circuit Frame/Bonding Film
Safety Data Sheets Coating Remover Pen
Safety Data Sheets Color Agent
Safety Data Sheets Conductive Pen
Safety Data Sheets Electroclean Plating Solution
Safety Data Sheets Gold Plating Solution
Safety Data Sheets Heat Shield Blanket
Safety Data Sheets High Temperature Mask
Safety Data Sheets Nickel Plating Solution
Safety Data Sheets Wire Dots
Eyelets 115-7206-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Eyelets 115-7209-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Eyelets 115-7306-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Eyelets 115-7336-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Eyelets 115-7339-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Eyelets 115-7353-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Eyelets 115-7366-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Eyelets 115-7453-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Eyelets 115-7456-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Eyelets 115-7459-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Eyelets 115-7576-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Eyelets 115-7676-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
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