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Jun 12, 2019
Options for Gold Contact Rework
When gold edge contacts become worn, damaged or contaminated by solder, they must be either repaired and replated, or replaced. Both procedures result in a ...
May 8, 2019
Rework for Internal Conductor Mismatch
The team at Circuit Technology Center was put to the test when a large OEM discovered a designed problem with fifty prototype boards. Two pairs ...
Apr 3, 2019
Converting Tin/Lead BGA Pads to Gold Plated
When engineers are developing or upgrading products the focus can often involve BGA's. We commonly receive requests to dismantle a socketed BGA and place the ...
Feb 6, 2019
Case of the Missing SMT Pads
Everyone loves a good mystery, unless, of course, that mystery has to do with something important that's missing from your valuable circuit boards! We often ...
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