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Recent Newsletters

May 24, 2017
BGA Conductor Path Re-design
BGA Joint Voids - Accept or Reject?, Reliability Assessment of Reballed BGAs, How to Fix Press-in Fastener Damage, 2D Printing Technique for Integrated Circuits
May 3, 2017
Tips and Tricks for Successful Rework
Reworked BGA Component Bridging at the Corners, BGA Re-balling from Lead-free to Tin-lead, Adding A Via Hole, New Methods for Wirelessly Transmitting Power
Apr 20, 2017
3 Options for BGA Rework
Issues with BGA Components Near PCB Edges , Through-Hole Rework for Challenging Components, Edge Milling to Reduce Board Thickness, Now Entering the Post Driver World
Apr 6, 2017
Potted QFP Rework Challenge
Delamination Causing Scrap, Process Control and Reliability of Reworked BGA Solder Joint, Rework Option Eliminates Jumper Wires, The Fourth Industrial Revolution Gains Momentum
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