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About CircuitMedic
CircuitMedic kits and materials meet the electronics industry's highest standards.
Designed, tested and built to comply with IPC specifications and guidelines.
Used for over 20 years by hundreds of major electronics manufacturers worldwide.
Every item thoroughly field tested by the most demanding circuit board repair depots.
Every item is backed with a 100% preformance guarantee.

Repair Damaged Gold Edge Contacts
Discover the perfect kit for replating solder-contaminated or damaged gold edge contacts or contacts that don't meet the minimum thickness specification.

The CircuitMedic Gold Contact Plating Kit includes a DC power supply and all the tools and materials needed for gold edge contact plating. The kit now also includes 1 oz containers of Gold, Nickel and Electroclean plating solutions

Plating probes included with the kit use pre-wrapped, screw-on plating anodes to end the common problems associated with loosely wrapped cotton anodes.
Unique Bonding Film For Quick Repairs
Do you ever need to rebond lifted pads or circuit traces? You can complete these delicate repairs without using messy liquid epoxy. Our unique Bonding Film is the same dry adhesive film we apply to Circuit Frames. Works great when you need to repair lifted pads and conductors without the need to use messy liquid adhesives. Just slip under the lifted pad and apply heat using a Bonding Iron or Soldering Iron.

Only $16.50 per sheet
Are Your Operators Ready for IPC Soldering Certification?
The best way to test your soldering and rework operator's skills is with the Soldering Skill Practice Kit. This kit lets them work on actual projects until they develop the expertise they need prior to IPC Soldering Skills Certification.

This kit includes fifteen different components and a genuine multi-layer circuit board. Don't trust your valuable circuit board assemblies to unskilled soldering techs. Let them practice, then and get them certified.

Reduced Price

The CircuitMedic Soldering Skills Practice Kit - Only $49

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Professional Repair Kit    
Master Repair Kit        
Land/Pad Repair Kit            
Circuit Track Kit              
Gold Contact Repair Kit              
Gold Contact Plating Kit              
Plated Hole Repair Kit              
Base Board Repair Kit              
Circuit Bond Kit
Micro-Drill System
BGA Rework Stencils
Wire Dots
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