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Operating Instructions

Instruction No. INS1027

Color Agents
Color Agent is a one part, air-drying, semi-paste ink commonly used for printing on hard surfaces, including circuit board base materials. Color Agent can be applied directly to circuit board surfaces prior to overcoating. When applied directly to a circuit board surface apply a thin coating and cure for 24 hours at room temperature or 4 hours @ 65°C (150°F).

Color Agent can be used to tint the color of 115-3302 Circuit Bond epoxy used for solder mask repair or circuit base board repair. For information on 115-3302 Circuit Bond go to:

Color Agent is supplied in 1 oz. (29 ml) collapsible metal tubes.

Available Colors

Part No. Description Color
115-9102 115-9102 Color Agent, Yellow  
115-9185 115-9185 Color Agent, Red  
115-9293 115-9293 Color Agent, Blue  
115-9348 115-9348 Color Agent, Green  
115-9358 115-9358 Color Agent, Light Green  
115-9376 115-9376 Color Agent, Medium Green  
115-9424 115-9424 Color Agent, Dark Gray  
115-9457 115-9457 Color Agent, Light Brown  
115-9560 115-9560 Color Agent, Dark Green  
115-9561 115-9561 Color Agent, Green  
115-9995 115-9995 Color Agent, Black  
115-9996 115-9996 Color Agent - White  

Reference Procedures
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1.0 Foreword
2.0 Basic Procedures
2.2 Cleaning
2.4.1 Coating Replacement, Solder Mask
2.5 Baking and Preheating
2.6.1 Legend/Marking, Stamping
2.6.2 Legend Marking, Hand Lettering
2.6.3 Legend Marking, Stencil
2.7 Epoxy Mixing and Handling