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Operating Instructions

Instruction No. INS1038

Circuit Tracks
Circuit Tracks are rectangular shaped conductors made of pure copper. These rectangular ribbons closely conform to the original conductor dimensions. The replacement Circuit Track is bonded in place using epoxy.

Circuit Track Repair
  1. Circuit Track
    Figure 1.
    Remove the damaged section of circuit using a knife. Scrape off any solder mask or coating from the ends of the remaining circuits. (See Figure 1.)
  2. Clean the area, then apply a small amount of flux to the ends of the circuits on the circuit board. Tin both ends using solder and a soldering iron.
  3. Circuit Track
    Figure 2.
    Select a Circuit Track to match the width and thickness of the circuit to be replaced and cut a length as needed.
  4. Remove the invisible protective coating from both ends on the Circuit Track by gently abrading the top and bottom surfaces using an Abrader. Removal of the coating is required to ensure a good solder connection to the circuit board.
  5. Circuit Track
    Figure 3.
    Place one end of the Circuit Track in position and hold in place with High Temperature Tape. (See Figure 2.)
  6. Lap solder the taped end of the Circuit Track to the existing circuit using solder, flux and a soldering iron.
  7. Bend the Circuit Track as needed to match the shape of the missing circuit. (See Figure 3)
  8. Circuit Track
    Figure 4.
    Lap solder the remaining end of Circuit Track to the remaining circuit using solder, flux and a soldering iron.
  9. Clean the area, then coat the top and sides of the Circuit Track with epoxy as required.

Available Sizes
Part No. Description
115-5204 Circuit Track, .002" x .004"
115-5205 Circuit Track, .002" x .005"
115-5206 Circuit Track, .002" x .006"
115-5208 Circuit Track, .002" x .008"
115-5210 Circuit Track, .002" x .010"
115-5312 Circuit Track, .003" x .012"
115-5315 Circuit Track, .003" x .015"
115-5520 Circuit Track, .005" x .020"
115-5530 Circuit Track, .005" x .030"

Reference Procedures
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2.2 Cleaning
2.3.5 Coating Removal, Grinding/Scraping
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