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Operating Instructions

Instruction No. INS274

201-4150 Soldering Skills Practice Kit
This training kit is ued to practice circuit board soldering skills prior to testing for certification.

  1. The Soldering Skills Practice Kit is designed to help operators brush up on their circuit board soldering skills.
  2. 201-4150 Soldering Skills Practice Kit
    The kit is also ideal for operators and technicians to use for practice prior to IPC certification.
  3. The kit includes a circuit board and 15 different component types.
  4. Each component has a designated location on the circuit board to be soldered.
  5. This kit does not include a soldering iron, solder or fluxes.
  6. Review the various Reference Procedures for detailed step by step soldering guides.

Reference Procedures
For detailed step by step process instructions for the following procedures.
1.0 Foreword
2.0 Basic Procedures
2.2 Cleaning
7.0 Soldering Procedures
7.1.1 Soldering Basics
7.1.2 Preparation For Soldering And Component Removal
7.2.1 Soldering Through Hole Components, Point To Point Method
7.3.1 Soldering Surface Mount Chip Components, Point To Point Method
7.4.1 Soldering Surface Mount J Lead Components Point To Point Method
7.5.1 Soldering Surface Mount Gull Wing Components, Point To Point Method