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Operating Instructions

Instruction No. INS66

Wire Dots
Wire Dots are pre-cut shapes of a thin, flexible polymer film membrane coated on one side with a high performance, electronics grade permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. Wire Dots are specifically designed to secure jumper wires to circuit boards.

Cover FilmClear Polyester Film 1.0 mil (.025 mm) Thick
AdhesiveHigh performance Acrylic Adhesive 5.2 mils (0.13 mm) Thick (3M #3468MP)
Relative High Temperature Operating RangesShort term (minutes/hours) 400°F (204°C)
Long term (days/weeks) 300°F (149°C)
ApplicationSpecifically designed for long term bonding to printed circuit boards and high surface energy plastics for the aerospace, medical and industrial equipment, automotive, appliance and electronic markets.
Shelf LifeMinimum 12 months.

Physical and Thermal Properties
PropertyTypical ValueUnitTest Method
Peel Strength 72 hrs @ 22 C840z./in.ASTM D3330 Modified
Static Shear Strength 72 F (22 C) / 1000g>10,000minASTM D3654
Tensile Strength (Yield) 72 F (22 C)>2600psiASTM D2370
Elongation100%ASTM D2370
Thermal Conductivity0.17w/m-kASTM C518
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion5.5 x 10 -4m/m/CASTM D696 25-175C

Shown approx actual size
Wire Dots
.256" (6.5 mm) Round
Wire Dots
.256" (6.5 mm) Square
Wire Dots
.394" (10.0 mm) Round
Wire Dots
.394" (10.0 mm) Square

Wire Dots Application Instructions
  1. Wire Dots
    Figure 1.
    In order to achieve maximum bond strength and reliability, the application surface must be clean, dry and free of flux, skin oils and other contaminants. Clean with isopropyl alcohol or equivalent if necessary.
  2. Firm application pressure develops better adhesive contact and thus improves bond strength. Avoid placing Wire Dots over exposed copper or plated surfaces.
  3. Wire Dots
    Figure 2.
    To use, simply peel a Wire Dot off the backer sheet and place over the wire as show in Figure 1.
  4. The larger size Wire Dots can be used to bond up to 3 jumper wires as show in Figure 2.

Reference Procedures
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