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115-3105 Bonding Station, 230 VAC
115-3105 Bonding Station, 230 VAC
This unit includes a digital temperature controller with rapid heating, fast temperature compensation, and stable temperature control. The Bonding Iron included uses special aluminum tips to delivers the optimal heat required for curing the adhesive bonding film on the back side of all CircuitMedic Circuit Frames.

Power Input: 230 VAC
Temperature Controller Range: 200 °C to 480 °C
Resolution: 1 °C
Power Consumption: 45 Watts
Output Voltage: 24 VAC
Temperature Stability: ± 10 °C (Static)

Additional Option
Bonding Station, 120 VAC
Part No. Price Order
115-3105 $119.00 Each
Harmonize Code: 8514.10.0000

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