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115-9010 Mask, High Temperature
115-9010 Mask, High Temperature
This synthetic latex peelable solder mask is supplied in 30 cc syringes with dispensing needles. Pack includes three 30 cc cartridges and 12 dispensing needles.

To use apply a 20 to 30 mil coating for best results. The surface should be free from grease, oil, and particulates. Under normal conditions, High Temperature Mask will cure in 1 hour at room temperature, or 30 minutes at 65°C/150°F.

The color will change from an opaque pink to a translucent red when complete cure is accomplished. Shelf life is 1 year.

ApplicationTemplate, Hand, Pneumatic, Robotic
Suggested Thickness20-30 mils
ThinnerDI Water
Cure TimeOne hour @ ambient, 30 min at 65C, 20 min at 80C
Part No. Price Order
115-9010 $49.95 Pkg/3
Harmonize Code: 3810.90.5000

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