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Bonding Tips
Bonding Tips fit into the hand held Bonding Iron or Circuit Bonding System. The bottom machined surface of each Bonding Tip is used to apply heat and pressure to bond adhesive backed replacement lands, pads and edge contacts to a circuit board surface. All Bonding Tips are machined from high grade aluminum.
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Part No. Description Price Order
115-2104 Bonding Tip, Tapered $45.00
115-2204 Bonding Tip, .080" (2.03 mm) Diameter $45.00
115-2206 Bonding Tip, .120" (3.05 mm) Diameter $45.00
115-2306 Bonding Tip, .040" x .060" (1.02 mm x 1.52 mm) $45.00
115-2316 Bonding Tip, .080" x .120" (2.03 mm x 3.05 mm) $45.00

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