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201-4350 Repair Skills Practice Kit
The Repair Skills Practice Kit will help operators brush up on their circuit board repair skills, and give them a advantage toward becoming IPC certified. Using our Repair Skills Practice Kit and the tools and materials it contains, you can sharpen your skills until you're ready for certification.

Includes a circuit board with a variety of plated holes, surface mount pads, replacement circuit tracks, eyelets, adhesives and more.

These kits do not include soldering irons and bonding irons for bonding the replacement pads and lands.
The Repair Skills Practice Kit will help operators brush up on their circuit board repair skills.
Includes dry film, adhesive-backed replacement circuits that do not use messy liquid epoxy.
Includes Circuit Tracks to repair damaged circuits.
Includes adhesives and color agents for solder mask or base board repair.
Includes eyelets for plated through hole repair.
Every item is prime quality, time-tested, to meet high standards.
Tools and materials conform to IPC guidelines.
Part No. Item 1-3 4-7 8-Up Order
201-4350 Repair Skills Practice Kit $139.00 Each $134.00 Each $125.00 Each
Repair Skills Practice Kit Includes
Qty Image Part No. Item Price Order
1115-3136 Abrader 115-3136 Abrader
Mild abrasive for removing oxides and contaminates from conductive surfaces.
$7.95 Each
Pkg/5235-1000-5 Alcohol Swab 235-1000-5 Alcohol Swab
Self-saturating Isopropyl alcohol swab. Squeeze handle to release alcohol.
$4.95 Pkg/5
2115-3302 Circuit Bond Packs 115-3302 Circuit Bond Packs
Clear, superior strength epoxy in two-compartment plastic packages
$10.95 Each
1115-3108OSP Circuit Board 115-3108OSP Circuit Board
Circuit board perfect for practice work.
$16.95 Each
1 Circuit Frame CFV003AS Circuit Frame
Variety - Bright Tin
$39.00 Each
1115-5210 Circuit Track, .002 115-5210 Circuit Track, .002" x .010"
Rectangular shaped pure copper wire used to repair damaged conductors.
$39.95 Each
1115-5520 Circuit Track, .005 115-5520 Circuit Track, .005" x .020"
Rectangular shaped pure copper wire used to repair damaged conductors.
$39.95 Each
Pkg/5235-2106-5 Cleaning Brushes 235-2106-5 Cleaning Brushes
Disposable brushes for use with solvents for cleaning and application of coatings.
$3.95 Pkg/5
1115-9348 Color Agent, Green 115-9348 Color Agent, Green
Use to tint epoxy for solder mask and base board repair.
$14.95 Each
Pkg/25115-7306-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange 115-7306-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Brass Eyelet - ID .030" OD .040" Length .093" Flange .060"
$19.50 Pkg/25
Pkg/25115-7456-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange 115-7456-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Copper Eyelet - ID .045" OD .059" Length .090" Flange .090"
$19.50 Pkg/25
Pkg/5235-2102-5 Foam Swab, 3/16 235-2102-5 Foam Swab
Ideal for absorbing cleaning solvents, and applying color agents and epoxies.
$49.50 Pkg/100
Pkg/60235-3050 High Temp Tape Discs 235-3050 High Temp Tape Discs
High temperature polyimide tape discs, .50" diameter.
$5.95 Pkg/60
1355-0614 Knife with #16 Blades 355-0614 Knife with #16 Blades
A must-have tool for precise cutting, scraping and trimming.
$9.95 Each
Pkg/5355-3102-5 Micro Probes 355-3102-5 Micro Probes
Use to dispense a minute amount of adhesive and for micro-positioning of small objects.
$4.95 Pkg/5
Pkg/5115-3315-5 Mixing Picks 115-3315-5 Mixing Picks
Unique mixing sticks have a paddle shape on one and sharp pick on the opposite end.
$9.50 Pkg/100
5115-3312 Plastic Cup 115-3312 Plastic Cup
Small disposable cup for mixing epoxies and holding small items.
$9.50 Pkg/100

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