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310-2100 Wire Dots
Special Instructions
  1. 310-2100 Wire Dots
    Wire Dots are pre-cut shapes of a thin, flexible polymer film membrane coated on one side with a high performance, electronics grade permanent pressure sensitive adhesive.

  2. In order to achieve maximum bond strength and reliability, the application surface must be clean, dry and free of flux, skin oils and other contaminants. Clean with isopropyl alcohol or equivalent if necessary.

  3. 310-2100 Wire Dots
    Figure 1.
    Firm application pressure develops better adhesive contact and thus improves bond strength. Avoid placing Wire Dots over exposed copper or plated surfaces.

  4. To use, simply peel a Wire Dot off the backer sheet and place over the wire as show in Figure 1.

  5. 310-2100 Wire Dots
    Figure 2.
    The larger size Wire Dots can be used to bond up to 3 jumper wires as show in Figure 2.

  6. Review the various Instruction Guides below for detailed step by step procedures.

Instruction Guides
The tools and materials included with the 310-2100 Wire Dots are used to complete the following.

6.1 Jumper Wires
6.1 Jumper Wires
Procedure covers use of jumper wires including dozens of detailed illustrations and photographs.
6.3  Component Modifications and Additions
6.3 Component Modifications and Additions
Procedure covers the general guidelines for modifications that involve adding components.