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B6-360-2525-127A Flextac Rework Stencil
stencil Image for reference only.
CircuitMedic Stencils are self-sticking solder paste stencils. These laser cut, polymer stencils use a full-release, residue-free adhesive similar to sticky notes.

The self-sticking adhesive on the bottom of the stencil seals around each BGA pad to ensure that solder paste will not bleed under the stencil when the paste is applied. Disposable CircuitMedic Stencils are easy to use and will not leave any residue on the board surface.

If you currently use metal stencils you need to fixture them or tape them in position to hold them in place. Metal stencils can warp, and if the circuit board has undulations in the board surface, the metal stencil will not sit flat.

Since there is no gasket-like seal, solder paste can easily bleed under metal stencils when paste is applied with a squeegee. Also solder paste can spill out over the sides of flat stencils contaminating the circuit board surface.

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bullet    See Full CircuitMedic BGA Rework Stencil Selection

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bullet    Flextac Stencils may be ordered from distributors around the world. See our Distributor List.
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US Patent number: 6,253,675

If the size you need is not immediately available, we may be able to provide a metal stencil. Contact us for details.

Flextac Rework Stencil
Part No. B6-360-2525-127A
Thickness .006" (0.152 mm)
Aperture .034" (0.863 mm)
Balls 360
Pitch 1.270 mm
Component 25 mm x 25 mm
Price $89.00 Pkg/10
Total $445.00
Mimimum 5 Packages
Harmonize Code: 3920.69.0000

To order click the "Order" button and follow the instructions. You may also order from distributors around the world.
Optional Items
Part No. Price Order
115-3504 Squeegee Blade, 12mm Wide
Stainless steel squeegee blade used to spread solder paste.
$15.95 Pkg/3
115-3506 Squeegee Blade, 27mm Wide
Stainless steel squeegee blade used to spread solder paste.
$15.95 Pkg/3
115-3508 Squeegee Blade, 35mm Wide
Stainless steel squeegee blade used to spread solder paste.
$15.95 Pkg/3
115-3502 Squeegee Handle
Handle holds squeegee blades used to spread solder paste.
$6.50 Each
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