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CBNDL Circuit Frame Bundle
CBNDL Circuit Frame Bundle
CBNDL Circuit Frame Bundle  

Imagine replacing damaged surface mount pads, lands and conductors without the mess of liquid epoxy, with a bond strength equal to the original, in just a few minutes.

Circuit Frames with dry-film adhesive backing make this delicate repair procedure easy, fast and highly reliable.

This reliable IPC recommended procedure meets the highest conformance level for this type of repair.

For over 30 years Circuit Frames have been used by thousands of commercial, medical and military manufacturers around the globe.
Overall Frame Size2.25" x 1.50" (57 x 38 mm)
Base MaterialRolled annealed copper foil .0014" (.036 mm) thick.
Adhesive BackingB-staged modified acrylic film adhesive .002" (.051 mm) thick.
CertificationAdhesive backing is certified to IPC-4203/18: Adhesive Coated Dielectric Films for Use as Cover Sheets for Flexible Printed Circuitry and Flexible Adhesive Bonding Films.
Solder ResistancePasses IPC Spec 10 sec at 288°C (550°F).
Bonding Temperature475°F +/- 25°F (246°C +/- 14°C)
Bonding Time30 seconds
Peel StrengthMinimum 8 lbs/inch (1.43 kg/cm) after cure to FR-4 material.
Shelf Life1 year minimum. Each Circuit Frame package is stamped with the expiration date.
Plating.0001" (.0025 mm) Bright Tin (Lead Free)
REACHCircuitMedic Circuit Frames contain less than 0.1% by weight any substance listed as a very high concern in Article 59 of REACH.
OutgassingThe Bonding Film used on Circuit Frames consistently meet the criteria for NASA applications. Maximum 1.0% TML and a Maximum 0.10% CVCM. Samples have been submitted for testing to Goddard Space Flight Center and other facilities, and the results are; Data Reference: GSC 17366; %TML: 0.94%; %CVCM: 0.06%
Part No. Item Price Order
CBNDL-01AS Circuit Frame Bundle, Tin Plated $129.00/Bundle of 4
Harmonize Code: 7410.21.6000

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Circuit Frame Bundle Includes
Qty Part No. / Item Price Order
Circuit Frame
CFV002AS Circuit Frame
Variety - Bright Tin
$44.00 Each
Circuit Frame
CFV003AS Circuit Frame
Variety - Bright Tin
$44.00 Each
Circuit Frame
CSVAR1AS Circuit Frame
Variety - Bright Tin
$44.00 Each
Circuit Frame
CBLANKAS Circuit Frame
Blank - Bright Tin
$44.00 Each
Applicable Safety Data Sheets
Circuit Frame/Bonding Film
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