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CC070080AG Circuit Frame
Contacts .070"/.080" (1.78 mm/2.03 mm)
Imagine replacing damaged circuits without the mess of liquid epoxy, with a bond strength equal to the original, on bare or loaded circuit boards -- all in about 30 seconds. Our replacement Circuit Frames with dry-film adhesive backing make this delicate, precise procedure quick and neat. Trim out the circuit you need and bond it to the circuit board surface with a bonding iron or bonding press.
Shown Approximately 2X Actual Size

Overall Frame Size 2.25" x 1.50" (57 x 38 mm)
Base Material Rolled annealed copper foil .0014" (.036 mm) thick.
Adhesive Backing Phenolic film adhesive .002" (.051 mm) thick.
Bonding Temperature 475°F ± 25°F (246°C ± 14°C)
Bonding Time 30 seconds
Peel Strength Minimum 8 lbs/inch (1.43 kg/cm) after cure to FR-4 material.
Shelf Life 6 months minimum. Each Circuit Frame is stamped with the expiration date.
Plating Option - Bright Tin .0001" (.0025 mm) Bright Tin (Lead Free)
Plating Option - Nickel/Gold .000050" (.00127 mm) Gold over .000100" (.00254 mm) Nickel
Plating Option - Tin/Lead .0001" (.0025 mm) 60/40 Tin/Lead
RoHS and REACH CircuitMedic Circuit Frames contain less than 0.1% by weight any substance listed as a very high concern in Article 59 of REACH.

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CC070080AG Contacts .070"/.080" (1.78 mm/2.03 mm) Nickel/Gold Compliant $129.00 Each $125.00 Each $119.00 Each

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