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Technical Data Sheet

290-3050 Tape, Plating/Masking

290-3050 Tape, Plating/Masking
Ideal for masking during plating, coating removal, and microblasting. This polyester tape features a tough, high tensile strength, even with a thin backing that resists slivering and stretching. Pressure-sensitive adhesives, including acrylic, rubber, and silicone, are used to meet specific requirements, such as high-temperature bake cycles. This flexible tape offers excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

Recommended for masking, splicing, and insulating as well as demanding applications in metal finishing and electronics. Works in demanding conditions and high temperatures and delivers clean removal during high-temperature masking operations. This polyester tape has excellent thermal resistance while maintaining flexibility.

Polyester Backing: 2 Mil Thick
Adhesive: Silicone
Color: Blue
Total Thickness: 3.5 Mil Adhesion to Steel: 30 oz/in
Dielectric Strength: 7000 v/mil
Operating Temperature: 200 °C

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