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Tools and Materials
Qty Part No. Description
1 115-3115 Measuring Microscope Pen, 25X
2 115-3120 Setting Tool, Small
1 115-3122 Tool Base
2 115-3126 Setting Tool, Large
1 115-3140 Tool Grip, Large
Pkg/5 115-3312-5 Plastic Cup
1 115-6000 Ball Mill Pack, Sizes #1/2, #1 - #7
Pkg/25 115-7206-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Pkg/25 115-7306-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Pkg/25 115-7336-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Pkg/25 115-7366-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Pkg/25 115-7456-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Pkg/25 115-7576-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Pkg/25 115-7676-25 Eyelet, Flat Flange
Pkg/25 115-8736-25 Eyelet, Funnel Flange
Pkg/5 235-2108-5 Foam Swab, Large
1 335-5185 Tweezer, Point Tip
1 335-5188 Tweezer, Self-Locking
201-3140 Plated Hole Repair Kit

This kit includes all the tools and materials you need to repair damaged plated through holes in circuit boards.

The kit includes eight packages of various eyelet sizes to handle a wide range of common plated through hole repairs, carbide ball mills for drilling, and setting tools to properly form the eyelets in place.

Eyelets meet IPC Guidelines.
Versatile - has everything you need to repair plated holes in a wide variety of sizes.
Standard eyelets are RoHS compliant.

Visit the follow pages for details instructions.
Instructions and Procedures
Guide Page
5.1 Plated Hole Repair, No Inner Layer Connection
5.2 Plated Hole Repair, Double Wall Method
5.3 Plated Hole Repair, Inner Layer Connection