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Tools and Materials
Qty Part No. Description
1 115-3115 Measuring Microscope Pen, 25X
4 115-3302 Circuit Bond Epoxy
Pkg/5 115-3312-5 Plastic Cup
Pkg/5 115-3315-5 Mixing Picks
1 115-9348 Color Agent, Green
1 115-9358 Color Agent, Light Green
Pkg/5 235-2102-5 Foam Swab, Small
Pkg/5 235-2106-5 Cleaning Brushes
Pkg/5 235-2108-5 Foam Swab, Large
1 335-3195 Probe
1 335-3197 Scraper, Curved Tip
1 335-5185 Tweezer, Point Tip
1 335-5188 Tweezer, Self-Locking
1 355-0614 Knife with #16 Blades
1 355-3102-5 Micro Probes
201-3110 Base Board Repair Kit

Yes, circuit boards do, on occasion, get damaged. They get burned, scratched, cracked, and beaten up.

This kit includes epoxies and color agents to repair base board material, solder mask, and coatings. The epoxy is precisely measured in two-compartment plastic packages, so there's no measuring.

Versatile, complete - includes everything you need for base board repair.
Meets IPC recommended guidelines.
High strength, high temperature epoxy withstands demanding physical environments.
Color agents permit matching of solder mask and base board colors.

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