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Tools and Materials
Qty Part No. Description
1 115-2706 Bonding Film
1 115-2801 Bonding Tip, Tapered
1 115-2802 Bonding Tip, .080" (2.03 mm) Diameter
1 115-2803 Bonding Tip, .120" (3.05 mm) Diameter
1 115-2805 Bonding Tip, .080" x .120" (2.03 x 3.05 mm)
1 115-3108 Practice Circuit Board
1 115-3206 Soldering Tips
4 115-3302 Circuit Bond Epoxy
Pkg/5 115-3312-5 Plastic Cup
Pkg/5 115-3315-5 Mixing Picks
1 201-7100 Precision Tool Set
Pkg/5 235-2102-5 Foam Swab, Small
Pkg/5 235-2106-5 Cleaning Brushes
Pkg/5 235-2108-5 Foam Swab, Large
Pkg/126 235-3025 High Temp Tape Discs
Pkg/60 235-3050 High Temp Tape Discs
1 310-2100 Wire Dots, Variety Pack
Pkg/5 355-3102-5 Micro Probes
1 525-2101-1 Circuit Frame, Assortment, Bright Tin Plated
1 525-2401-1 Circuit Frame, SMD Pads, Bright Tin Plated
1 525-2601-1 Circuit Frame, Lands/Pads, Bright Tin Plated
1 115-3220 Bonding Iron, 220 VAC
201-1402 Land/Pad Repair Kit, 230 VAC

This kit includes the tools and materials needed to reliably repair or replace damaged lands, surface mount, and BGA pads. The unique Circuit Frames have a dry film adhesive backing.

This kit is specifically designed to make the surface mount pad and land repair process as simple and reliable as possible.

Includes dry film, adhesive-backed replacement lands and pads that do not use messy liquid adhesives for bonding.
Includes a temperature controlled Bonding Iron and Bonding Tips.
Includes epoxy for solder mask or base board repair.
All the tools and materials are neatly arranged in a rugged carry case.
Tools and materials conform to IPC guidelines.
Every item is prime quality, time-tested, to meet high standards.

Visit the follow pages for details instructions.

Instructions and Procedures
Guide Page
4.1.2 Lifted Conductor Repair, Film Adhesive Method
4.2.2 Conductor Repair, Foil Jumper, Film Adhesive Method
4.2.7 Conductor Repair, Surface Plane, Film Adhesive Method
4.4.2 Lifted Land Repair, Film Adhesive Method
4.5.1 Land Repair, Epoxy Method
4.5.2 Land Repair, Film Adhesive Method
4.6.1 Edge Contact Repair, Epoxy Method
4.7.1 Surface Mount Pad Repair, Epoxy Method
4.7.2 Surface Mount Pad Repair, Film Adhesive Method
4.7.3 Surface Mount, BGA Pad Repair, Film Adhesive Method
4.7.4 Surface Mount, BGA Pad with Integral Via Repair
4.7.5 Surface Mount, BGA Pad, Integral Via, Circuit Extension Method