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115-9996 Color Agent - White

Color Agent is a one part, air-drying, semi-paste ink commonly used for printing on hard surfaces including circuit board base materials. Color Agent contains petroleum distillates but is not considered hazardous and does not require special labeling. It can be used to tint the color of epoxy used for solder mask repair or circuit base board repair.

Color agent may also be applied directly to the circuit board surface for color matching.

Packaging: Supplied in 1 oz. (29 ml) collapsible metal tubes.
Shelf Life: 5 years minimum.
Storage: Store between 40°F and 115°F.
Viscosity: 300 cps +/- 10%
Chemical Composition: Monomers/Oligomers. The components of this product are not considered to be hazardous as defined by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200. This product contains petroleum distillates which are exempt from special labeling by OSHA.
Safety Data Sheet: SDS Color Agents
Use With:
115-3302 Circuit Bond Packs
This epoxy is clear and blends with color agent. Is supplied in pre-measured two-compartment plastic packages.

Part No. Description Price Qty / Order
115-9996 Color Agent - White $21.95 Each
Order direct or from a distributor. Harmonize Code: 3212.90.0050
Freight, duties, and value added taxes may increase prices for products outside USA.

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