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201-4150 Solder Skills Practice Kit

Are your new soldering and rework operators skilled enough to work on your valuable products? Have they practiced enough to go for certification?

The best way to find out is to order our Soldering Skills Practice Kit, which lets them work on actual projects until they develop the needed expertise.

We provide the various components and a practice board; you decide when they're ready.

Soldering Skills
The soldering skills kits covers the soldering of the following component types onto the bare circuit board supplied.

Qty Description Component Type
10 Resistor, 0805 Chip
10 Resistor, 1206 Chip
6 Capacitor, 1206 Chip
5 Capacitor, Tantalum Chip
8 MELF Diode, 1206 Chip
3 QFP-44, 0.8mm Pitch Gull Wing
3 QFP-100, 0.5mm Pitch Gull Wing
8 SOIC-14 Gull Wing
6 SOT-23 Gull Wing
3 PLCC-28 J Lead
6 Resistor, 1/4 Watt Through Hole
3 Transistor, TO-5 Through Hole
3 Transistor, TO-18 Through Hole
6 Capacitor, CK05 Through Hole
3 DIP-14, Narrow Through Hole
  • This is the ideal kit to practice circuit board soldering skills before testing for certification. The kit includes dozens of components and a multi-layer practice circuit board.

Includes 15 different component types.
Includes a mulit-layer PCB for realistic soldering conditions.
Includes all the component types required for IPC soldering skills certification.
The perfect kit for practice prior to obtaining certification.
The prefect kit to use when obtaining IPC soldering skills certification.
Part No. Description Price Qty / Order
201-4150 Soldering Skills Practice Kit $75.00 Each
Order direct or from a distributor. Harmonize Code: 8473.30.0000
Freight, duties, and value added taxes may increase prices for products outside USA.
INS1078 Soldering Skills Practice Kit
Reference Guide Procedures
Number / Title
1.0 Foreword
2.0 Basic Procedures
2.2 Cleaning
7.0 Soldering Procedures
7.1.1 Soldering Basics
7.1.2 Preparation For Soldering And Component Removal
7.2.1 Soldering Through Hole Components, Point To Point Method
7.3.1 Soldering Surface Mount Chip Components, Point To Point Method
7.4.1 Soldering Surface Mount J Lead Components Point To Point Method
7.5.1 Soldering Surface Mount Gull Wing Components, Point To Point Method

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