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201-7100 Precision Tool Set

  • Ten tools for detailed, precision work on circuit boards.

  • Pocket pen microscope with 25X measuring reticle.

  • High carbon steel needle file.

  • Mild abrasive for removing oxides and contaminants.

  • Sharp dental-style probe.

  • Scraper with a hardened, curved stainless steel tip.

  • Scraper with a hardened, square stainless steel tip.

  • Fine-point stainless steel tweezers for precision work.

  • Self-locking stainless steel tweezers for hands-free gripping.

  • Knife with angled blade for precise cutting, scraping, and trimming.

  • Epoxy-coated steel wire mesh tool tray to keep tools neat and organized.

This set of nine precision-crafted tools is designed specifically for detailed circuit board work. This comprehensive kit is perfect for professionals, offering everything you need to achieve the highest conformance on every project. Let's dive into the incredible tools and instruments included:
  • Abrader
    Remove oxides and contaminants effortlessly with our mild abrader. Specially designed for circuit board work, this tool gently eliminates impurities, ensuring optimal conductivity and performance.
  • Probe
    Navigate intricate circuitry with confidence using our sharp dental-style probe. Its slender design and precise tip allow easy access to hard-to-reach areas, enabling you to troubleshoot and diagnose easily.
  • Scraper with Curved Tip
    Our curved scraper, featuring a hardened stainless steel tip, is a versatile tool for various circuit board tasks. It's ergonomic design and curved blade allow for efficient removal of unwanted residue, providing a clean surface for optimal functionality.
  • Scraper with Square Tip
    Achieve pristine results with our square scraper, boasting a hardened stainless steel tip. This tool is perfect for precise scraping tasks, ensuring meticulous removal of unwanted materials without damaging delicate circuitry.
  • File
    Crafted with high-carbon steel, our needle file is ideal for intricate shaping and smoothing tasks. Whether you need to fine-tune tiny components or adjust delicate connections, this file delivers exceptional precision and control.
  • Measuring Microscope Pen
    Experience unparalleled magnification and precision with our pocket pen microscope. Equipped with a 25X measuring reticle, this tool allows you to examine circuit boards with remarkable clarity, ensuring precise measurements and meticulous inspections.
  • Knife with #16 Blades
    Our knife with an angled blade is a versatile companion for circuit board work. From precise cutting to scraping and trimming, this tool ensures clean and accurate results, making it an indispensable addition to your toolkit.
  • Tweezer, Self-Locking
    Say goodbye to hand fatigue and hello to hands-free gripping with our self-locking tweezer. This ingenious tool provides a secure grip, allowing you to focus on intricate tasks without worrying about slippage.
  • Tweezer, Point Tip
    Experience unmatched precision with our fine-point stainless steel tweezer. Designed for intricate work, this tool allows you to handle and manipulate small components accurately, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship.
We've also included an ESD-safe steel mesh tool tray to keep your tools organized and within reach. This tray not only enhances the appeal of your workspace but also ensures that your tools are neatly arranged and readily available when needed.

Upgrade all your repair and rework staff with this exceptional set of nine precision-crafted tools and unlock a new level of craftsmanship!
Part No. Description Price Qty / Order
201-7100 Precision Tool Set $99.95 Each
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Harmonize Code 8205.59.0000
Export Administration Regulations (EAR) EAR99
Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) Not Applicable
Precision Tool Set Includes
Qty Part No. / Item Price Qty / Order
115-3115 Measuring Microscope Pen, 25X
Pocket pen microscope with 25X measuring reticle.
$29.00 Each
115-3132 File
High carbon steel needle file perfect for all kinds of detail work.
$9.95 Each
115-3136 Abrader
Mild abrasive for removing oxides and contaminants.
$7.95 Each
335-3195 Probe
Sharp dental-style probe for manipulating small objects and removal of debris.
$9.95 Each
335-3197 Scraper, Curved Tip
Hardened stainless steel tip for scraping solder mask and removing defects.
$9.95 Each
335-3198 Scraper, Square Tip
Hardened stainless steel tip for scraping solder mask and removing defects.
$9.95 Each
335-5185 Tweezer, Point Tip
Fine point tweezers for precision work.
$9.95 Each
335-5188 Tweezer, Self-Locking
Self locking stainless steel tweezers provide hands-free clamping force.
$9.95 Each
355-0614 Knife with #16 Blades
A must-have tool for precise cutting, scraping and trimming.
$9.95 Each
335-3190 Tool Tray
Epoxy-coated steel wire mesh tool tray to keep tools neat and organized.
$19.95 Each
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Instructions 201-7100 Precision Tool Set

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