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115-3821 Plating Solution, Gold, 1 oz (.03 liter)

115-3821 Plating Solution, Gold, 1 oz (.03 liter)
Electroplating solution for gold surfaces and gold edge contacts. This solution is ideally suited for plating printed circuit board edge contacts and other conductive surfaces. Gold plating solution used for edge contact repair and replating must be highly concentrated. This highly concentrated gold plating solution has a ratio of .03125 troy ounce of gold per fluid ounce. This solution does not contain free cyanide.

The solution may be used with any suitable plating equipment. The normal voltage applied when plated is between four and nine volts. Anodes may be constructed from stainless steel, platinum, titanium, or graphite/carbon.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice based on gold market prices.

Shelf Life2 years minimum.
FinishBright, hard, cobalt hardened gold finish
ComplianceComplies with MIL-G-45204C, Military Specification for Electrodeposited Gold Plating.
Voltage Application RangeNormally 3.0 to 4.5 volts DC.
AnodesStainless steel, platinum, titanium or carbon anodes.
PackagingHigh-density polyethylene wide-mouth bottle.
ShippingThis product may be hazardous. Shipping by FedEx and UPS only.
RestrictionsImport and customs restrictions prohibit the shipment of this item to The Philippines and China.
Safety Data Sheet

Part No. Description Price Qty / Order
115-3821 Plating Solution, Gold, 1 oz (.03 liter) $349.00 Each
Order direct or from a distributor. Harmonize Code: 3824.90.7000
Freight, duties, and value added taxes may increase prices for products outside USA.

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