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290-7250 Peel Test Tape

290-7250 Peel Test Tape
This tape is specifically designed to test plating adhesion per IPC-TM-650 Test Method 2.4.1.

To use the tape press a strip firmly across the surface of the test area removing all air entrapment. The time between application and removal of the tape should be less than one minute. Remove the tape by a rapid pull force applied perpendicular test area. Visually examine the tape and test area for evidence of any portion of the material tested having been removed from the specimen.

Shelf life is minimum 18 months. For more information see
Part No. Description Price Qty / Order
290-7250 290-7250 Peel Test Tape $19.95 Each
Order direct or from a distributor. Harmonize Code: 5906.10.0000
Freight, duties, and value added taxes may increase prices for products outside USA.
Gold Contact Plating Kit
Kit to repair and replate damaged gold edge contacts and pads on circuit boards.

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