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310-1002 Wire Dots, .394" (10.0 mm) Square

310-1002	Wire Dots, .394" (10.0 mm) Square
Clean up your act when bonding wires. Wire Dots make the job of bonding jumper wires neat and fast.

Wire Dots are a wire tacking system consisting of pre-cut shapes of a thin, flexible polymer film coated on one side with a high-performance, electronics grade permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. The result is a highly conformable, high-strength bond.

The adhesive on Wire Dots is commonly used for graphic attachment and membrane switch applications because it has excellent long-term quality, consistency, and durability. Wire Dots perform well after exposure to high humidity, UV, immersion in water, and hot/cold cycles.

Wire Dots will hold secure after exposure to numerous chemicals, including cleaning solutions/sprays, saponifiers, mild acids, and alkalies. And will hold secure through a typical circuit board hot water wash.
Material Properties
Cover Film Clear Polyester Film 1.0 mil (.025 mm) Thick
Adhesive High performance Acrylic Adhesive 5.2 mils (0.13 mm) Thick (3M #3468MP)
Relative High Temperature Operating Ranges Short term (minutes/hours) 400°F (204°C)
Long term (days/weeks) 300°F (149°C)
Application Specifically designed for long term bonding to printed circuit boards and high surface energy plastics for the aerospace, medical and industrial equipment, automotive, appliance and electronic markets.
Shelf Life Minimum 12 months.
Safety Data Sheet
Physical and Thermal Properties
Property Typical Value Unit Test Method
Peel Strength 72 hrs @ 22 C 84 0z./in. ASTM D3330 Modified
Static Shear Strength 72 F (22 C) / 1000g >10,000 min ASTM D3654
Tensile Strength (Yield) 72 F (22 C) >2600 psi ASTM D2370
Elongation 100 % ASTM D2370
Thermal Conductivity 0.17 w/m-k ASTM C518
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 5.5 x 10 -4 m/m/C ASTM D696 25-175C
Electrical Properties
Property Typical Value Unit Test Method
Dielectric Strength 1700 volts/mil ASTM D149
Dielectric Constant 25 C, 1 kHz 3.4 ------ ASTM D150
Dissipation Factor 25 C, 1 kHz 0.018 ------ ASTM D150
Surface Resistivity - Adhesive Layer >1 x 10 14 ohm/square ASTM D257
Surface Resistivity - Polymer Film Layer >1 x 10 16 ohm/square ASTM D257
Volume Resistivity - Adhesive Layer >1 x 10 15 ohm/cm ASTM D257
Volume Resistivity - Polymer Film Layer >1 x 10 18 ohm/cm ASTM D257
Insulation/Moisture Resistance - Adhesive Layer >1 x 10 11 ohm MIL-I-46058C (100 VDC 60 sec)
Insulation/Moisture Resistance - Polymer Film Layer >1 x 10 12 ohm MIL-I-46058C (100 VDC 60 sec)
Voltage Breakdown 3500 volts ------

Part No. Description Price Qty / Order
310-1002 Wire Dots, .394" (10.0 mm) Square $45.95 pkg/210
Order direct or from a distributor. Freight, duties, and value added taxes may increase prices for products outside the USA.
Harmonize Code 3919.10.0000
Export Administration Regulations (EAR) EAR99
Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) Not Applicable

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