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335-5188 Tweezer, Self-Locking

335-5188 Tweezer, Self-Locking
This robust stainless steel tweezer is self-locking and built to last. With their cross-lock action, you can enjoy hands-free clamping force for utmost convenience. Crafted for precision, these tweezers are a go-to tool for any task. The sturdy stainless steel construction ensures durability, while the ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip. Experience the freedom of effortless precision with our self-locking tweezers. Length 5" (127 mm).

Additional Option
Tweezer, Point Tip

Part No. Description Price Qty / Order
335-5188 Tweezer, Self-Locking $9.95 Each
Order direct or from a distributor. Harmonize Code: 8203.20.2000
Freight, duties, and value added taxes may increase prices for products outside USA.
Tweezer, Point Tip
Fine point tweezers for precision work.

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