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Circuit Tracks

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It's now easier than ever to repair damaged circuits. Circuit Tracks are rectangular-shaped conductors made of 99.9% pure CDA 11000 copper. These rectangular ribbons closely conform to the original conductor dimensions. The replacement Circuit Track is bonded in place using epoxy.

CDA 11000 is electrolytic tough pitch copper that is intentionally alloyed with oxygen to achieve the best combination of conductivity and capacity for being cold worked. Circuit Tracks are used for various applications, including repairing damaged conductors on circuit boards.

Total length 36", packaged in a small bobbin spool.

Alloy NameETP Copper
Chemical Composition99.90 Cu Min. /.04 O
Density (lbs./in.³).323
Electrical Conductivity (% IACS @ 68°F )100
Resistivity (Ω/circ. mil/ft)10.3
Approximate Melting Point (° F )1981
Tensile Strength Hard Temper (kpsi)55
Tensile Strength Soft Temper (kpsi)34
Yield Strength Hard Temper (kpsi)50
Yeild Strength Soft Temper (kpsi)12
Elongation Hard Temper (%)5
Elongation Soft Temper (%)36
Properties are nominal values and should not be
used for specification purposes. Elongation values
are generally size dependent.
Part No. Description Price Qty / Order
115-5204 Circuit Track, .002" x .004" $39.95 Each
115-5205 Circuit Track, .002" x .005" $39.95 Each
115-5206 Circuit Track, .002" x .006" $39.95 Each
115-5208 Circuit Track, .002" x .008" $39.95 Each
115-5210 Circuit Track, .002" x .010" $39.95 Each
115-5312 Circuit Track, .003" x .012" $39.95 Each
115-5315 Circuit Track, .003" x .015" $39.95 Each
115-5520 Circuit Track, .005" x .020" $39.95 Each
115-5530 Circuit Track, .005" x .030" $39.95 Each