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About CircuitMedic
CircuitMedic kits and materials meet the electronics industry's highest standards.
Designed, tested and built to comply with IPC specifications and guidelines.
Used for over 20 years by hundreds of major electronics manufacturers worldwide.
Every item thoroughly field tested by the most demanding circuit board repair depots.
Every item is backed with a 100% preformance guarantee.
Damaged Gold Edge Contacts 'Good as New'
Discover the perfect kit for replating solder-contaminated or damaged gold edge contacts or contacts that don't meet the minimum thickness specification.

The CircuitMedic Gold Contact Plating Kit includes a DC power supply and all the tools and materials needed for gold edge contact plating. The kit now also includes 1 oz containers of Gold, Nickel and Electroclean plating solutions

Plating probes included with the kit use pre-wrapped, screw-on plating anodes to end the common problems associated with loosely wrapped cotton anodes.

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Plastic Surgery for Circuit Boards
When you complete a routine repair to damaged circuit board, how does it look? Is it obvious where you made the repair? Does the color of the replacement solder mask or epoxy used to complete the repair match the existing surface color?

You may not always have access to the original solder mask when completing a repair. This is where CircuitMedic Color Agents can help. There are 12 standard colors available. If the exact color isn't available, operators can blend 2 colors to create a near perfect match to the existing color.

You shouldn't settle for less than the best when making a circuit board repair. Keep CircuitMedic Color Agents handy so your work will be as impressive as that of a plastic surgeon.

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Professional Repair Kit - Special Offer - Save $100
The Professional Repair Kit is the most complete and most versatile circuit board repair kit you'll find anywhere. It's the total package.

The kit includes dry film, epoxy-backed circuit frames, and unique replacement circuits that do not use messy liquid epoxy. Includes eyelets and setting tools for plated through hole repair, Circuit Tracks to repair damaged circuits, epoxy and color agents for solder mask or base board repair all packaged in a convenient carrying case.

If you need to repair damaged circuit boards, the all-in-one Professional Kit is what you need.

Standard Price is $779. Save $100.00 off the standard price. Offer expires October 31, 2014.

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Professional Repair Kit    
Master Repair Kit        
Land/Pad Repair Kit            
Circuit Track Kit              
Gold Contact Repair Kit              
Gold Contact Plating Kit              
Plated Hole Repair Kit              
Base Board Repair Kit              
Circuit Bond Kit
Micro-Drill System
BGA Rework Stencils
Wire Dots

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Eliminate Heat Damage During BGA Rework
Special Offer Price $159.00 - Normal Price $179.00 Offer expires August 31, 2014.

September 16, 2014
Alternative to Dead Bug Rework
Alternative to Dead Bug Rework
This is an example of a project where the solution was more reliable, less labor intensive and much more elegant that the alternative... dead bugging.
September 16, 2014
Unique Ground Plane Transplant Repair
Unique Ground Plane Transplant Repair
In the world of rework and repair there can never be a standard procedure for every emergency. Things can happen too quickly and "on-the-spot" there can be an urgent ...
August 20, 2014
Rework for Missing Ground Connections
Rework for Missing Ground Connections
This problem deals with a circuit board with a series of plated through holes that are not connected to ground. It would seem easy enough to ...
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